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Group Therapy by Above & Beyond: Nuevo podcast para hoy a las 22h y sábado a las 14h

1 junio 2016 Internacionales

Tracklist (entra en la noticia para ver la tracklist entera):

  1. Above & Beyond‘We’re All We Need’ [Acoustic II](Anjunabeats)
  2. Eskai feat. Karlina Covington & Jhana‘Feathers’(Ride)
  3. Boom Jinx & Soundprank feat. Katrine Stenbekk‘We Know’ [Boom Jinx Remix](Anjunabeats)
  4. ilan Bluestone & Maor Levi feat. Jeza‘Shake The Air’(Anjunabeats)
  5. Dalero & Zuubi‘Skyfire’(Encanta)
  6. CH.YV‘Sunrise’(Freegrant)
  7. Kono(USA) ‘The Simple Things’ [Nikhil Prakash Remix] (PHW)
  8. Same K‘Distance’(Statement)
  9. Max Freegrant & Haxxy‘You’(ZeroThree)
  10. Mark Knight‘Voulez-Who?’(Toolroom)
  11. Ashworth‘Lost’(Anjunadeep)
  12. Jay Stephens‘Waking Dream’(Greenstone)
  13. Weikum‘Out Back’ [Another Ambition Remix](White)
  14. Genix‘First Mind’(Anjunabeats)
  15. Sub Question‘Appetizer’(Elliptical Sun Recordings)
  16. Ruben de Ronde & Rodg‘Steampunk’ [Soundquelle vs. Reskide Remix](Statement)
  17. Emerge & Adrian Alexander feat. Esslu‘Prove Me Right’ [Dub Mix](Elliptical Sun Recordings)
  18. Above & Beyond‘Blue Sky Action’ [Acoustic II](Anjunabeats)
  19. Mat Zo feat. Eyes That Lie‘Hurricane’(Anjunabeats)


  1. Spencer Brown‘Building’(White)
  2. Spencer Brown‘Wannamaker’(Anjunabeats)
  3. Spencer Brown‘Got 2 Be Down’(White)
  4. Spencer Brown‘Wanna Be Down’(White)
  5. Spencer Brown‘Don’t You Know’(White)
  6. Dirty South & Those Usual Suspects‘Walking Alone’ [Spencer Brown Mix](White)

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